woensdag 11 februari 2009

Aussie puppies ready to go

Already seven weeks old, time does fly by so fast!! We had a lovely time with these four, they are absolutely gorgeous, sweet little things and we are sad to see them go. But they have all found a nice home to go to and none of them will be alone, they will all have a friend to play with and nice people who will look after them and love them just as much as we do.

The first one to go is little Arielle, she's the smallest of them but also the cutest! (Iam crazy about tri merles lol) She won't go far, she will go to our vet so we'll be seeing a lot of her in the future!

The second one to go is Buzz, he will be named Djinny and will go and live with RĂ©gina and her australian cattle dog. Regina wants to learn him obedience and hopefully, if he's up to and she to of course, try and attend to some competitions. We are looking forward to hear about that!

The third one which will go to his new home is little Mowgli. He will go and live with nice people who always had border collies but sadly lost three of them in the last couple of months by sickness and age. They still have one left but she's totally blind so that will be an adjustement for her as well for little Mowgli, but we are confident that they will do okay and will become good friends.

And last but not the least, Tinkerbell will go next week to her new home. She will be staying a little longer with us. She will be spoiled rotten here with our kids of course...

I've been tagged!!!

So, I've never heard of it but since Nat tagged me and explained it so well on her blog
(open a document or file folder
Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo

Post the photo and describe it

Then tag 5 other bloggers
I will try and do this to. Although the ones I will be tagging won't be English blogs, so let this game be spread around Belgium to LOL

So the folder I opened was Border collies (of course), fifth folder was Diabolo's and the fifth picture there was this one:

On this pic there's our little red merle girl Quiah (greatgrandaughter of Nat's Mac) and next to her runs Falck, our lovely chocolate sable boy. The picture was taken on a cloudy afternoon when the mist was hanging low to. Falck, as usual, has his ball in his mouth, Quiah running with him, not to take the ball but just to annoy him.

Now, let's think, five blogs to tag....
Here they are:

donderdag 1 januari 2009

Not forgetting our own aussie puppies...

Our very own puppies are already ten days old. They are doing very well, and grow while we're looking at them! Tequila is a fantastic mum. The ears are starting to open now and we expect the eyes to open soon to, probably in the weekend. They are turning into real little dogs now. They weigh about half a kilo now, the weight a border collie puppy has by birth. :-)




I thought what a great idea to start the New Year with some good news.
A lot of puppies...eventhough it isn't all from our own kennel.
With Georgette at the Weimeniershoeve, there are 6 beautiful puppies born the 19th december. Dam is Gember and sire is our own XTC.
There are five boys and one girl. The girl already is spoken for, but there are a couple of boys still available. For more information you can always mail or call me, or see on (http://www.kerocs.be/weimeniershoeve/)
The little girl is a bluemerle tricolour, the boys have all sorts of colours, we have a black and white, two blue merles, a blue and white and a lilac merle, a true rainbow of colours of little border puppies...

Our XTC became a daddy again, yesterday, the 31th december. The proud mum is a littersister to our Ginger, Golden Girl, aka Snoopy, she has a lovely litter of seven beautiful puppies in the colours black and white, black tri and blue and white.
For more information you can always call or mail me or call the owners of Snoopy on this number: 0474/849721

Phoenix came for a visit two months ago to see his girlfriend Tequila and that has resulted into a big belly with our little girl. Last weekend we started temperaturing her, she was due the 20th December, so we were on time.The first time she had 37,5, but that night it was always around 37°C, which was quite low. The day after it even was 36,5, so we were expecting the puppies to come soon. As I didn't want to sleep the whole week in the sofa, we took Tequila with us in our bedroom, where we made her a nest to whelp in if necesarry, so I would wake up if something happened. But that was not how Tequila planned it, that whole week it stayed calm and quiet at night, until that morning of the 20th. She was shaking and shivering although it was quite warm in the house. That's when I new it wouldn't take very long for the puppies to come. I tried to keep her as much as possible to stay in her nest, but everytime I walked away to do stuff, she followed me. At this rate, it would take forever I thought and I hurried to finish all my chores so I could sit in the sofa and be woth Tequila. And yes, not half an hour later she started to move the sheets all around the nest and went in labour, finally! After a little hour or so, around half past nine, she started pushing, five minutes later a little chocolate tri boy was born! Another three followed soon, two black tri's, a boy and a girl, and one blue merle girl. Around 1 o'clock she had finished and we could start enjoying our little puppies.
What a nice christmaspresent Tequila gave us..
Here they are:

Little Mermaids Arielle:
Toy Story's Buzz:
Jungle Books Mowgli:
Peter Pan's Tinkerbell:

woensdag 10 december 2008

Iago can dance!!

We began to train Iago and Quiah a little bit at home, due to some healthproblems in our dogschool, which kept us from going there. Besides the basic commands (sit, lie down, stand,...) we also train him to dance. We started one week ago and I have to say, he's a quick learner! I'm so proud of this little chap!

vrijdag 28 november 2008

Xtc has mated the blue merle bitch Gember van de Weimeniershoeve on 18 and 20 October and we got the confirmation this week, that Gember is in whelp! We expect these puppies around the 20th of December. The expected colours of these puppies are black/white, blue merle, chocolate/white and chocolate merle and also all of these with tan.
Georgette also let me know that she still has a lovely puppy available from her current litter from Dior and Bryning Leap in the Dark "Echo. The beautiful, powerful chocolate tri Echo is a littermate from our girl Skye and so these puppies are in fact a little bit of family to us ;-)